11 June 2018
I created a new version of my site (see A Jimdo odysse if you want to know why I did this). Here's the link to the new official website: selenesshadowrealm.com
09 June 2018
Maybe some of you noticed that the site was down for about a month. Jimdo blocked it without any forewarning. I wrote several e-mails to the support in the last couple of weeks. Recently, I finally got an answer from Jimdo
11 May 2018
I plan to create a Doctor companion using the Doctor NPC of my Sonic Screwdriver mod as base. No CM Partner or similar. I want to make his personality as unique as possible. That's why I will write all companion dialogues and scripts myself. Maybe I will do a Skyrim version (and/or Fallout New Vegas version) of the Sonic Screwdriver as well. But before I do this I like to finish some unfinished projects first like ...
09 May 2018
It took me two days to fill them with my stuff. I noticed that some of the mods still haven't an English version. The Hidden Hideout, a ten years old mod, is the first one which got its new translation. You can find it in the Houses section. On occasion, I will update more of these mods with an English version. Now I need a cup of ...
07 May 2018
Some years ago, I had a forum called "Selene's Shadow Realm" which was hosted on the Wormhole. Unfortunately, the site went down forever. Now, I decided to build my own website showing my mods and projects for the game TES IV Oblivion.