Plans for the future

I plan to create a Doctor companion using the Doctor NPC of my Sonic Screwdriver mod as base. No CM Partner or similar. I want to make his personality as unique as possible. That's why I will write all companion dialogues and scripts myself. Maybe I will do a Skyrim version (and/or Fallout New Vegas version) of the Sonic Screwdriver as well. But before I do this I like to finish some unfinished projects first like the English version of Abyss Demon and a revised version of my first mod, the Island House (and that's how it's looking now: picture 1, picture 2). I put them off in favor of new modding projects and other games (like Enderal) for a long time. I'm still learning to prioritize.




The website has a favicon, scroll-to-top buttons and social media share buttons now. I discovered these features by accident in the site's settings.

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