A Jimdo odyssee

Maybe some of you noticed that the site was down for about a month. Jimdo blocked it without any forewarning. I wrote several e-mails to the support in the last couple of weeks. Recently, I finally got an answer from Jimdo: the site was removed due to violation of their TOS. I think it was their standard answer because they didn't state which content violated their terms. Today, I logged into my Jimdo account and found out that they restored my site! Maybe one of my e-mails reached the right person to solve my problem. Thanks to the one who helped me.


Getting no replies from Jimdo for a long period made me nearly hopeless and left alone with my problem. Because of that I decided to rebuild Selene's Shadow Realm. I used Wordpress this time because it has a lot more possibilities for design and customization. When the new version of Selene's Shadow Realm is online I will leave a note on my old Jimdo-site that I moved to another locaction. I keep this site for archiving purposes not knowing if it will be blocked again out of the blue in the future. That's why I removed some images from the site and a few lines of code which could be responsible for the  temporary deletion of my site.


If you want to know more about the new version of Selene's Shadow Realm, follow this link:


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