The Island House Redesigned (WIP)


It's a reworked version of my very first mod, the Island House. The new version of the house will have improved textures of the outer wall, custom garden furniture and a flower bed. I also fix the combat generator script which caused save game bloat by using placeatme (I know it better now ;)).


Development status: the work on the project is paused. I want to finish some other stuff first.


Celestiel - House of unlimited Fighting


Celestiel is a world of combat, within the Arena (of Celestiel) plays the main role. Diverse fights are awaiting you. The Combat Generator allows you to select the type and number of opponents.


When you are you are tired from fighting, you can relax in the entrance area with crackling open fire. Your personal merchant is always there for you and provides for your wellbeing (except during the night when he is asleep). He sells you different kinds of Training Amulets, which can summon various opponents, and rings with useful, but sometimes very powerful, effects. You can also buy several spells which among other things teleport you and your target directly to the Arena of Celestiel. There's something to suit all tastes.


Furthermore there are black training raiments and Energydrinks free domicile (you find them on and near the table on the left-hand side from the trap-door in the entrance area).


A mysterious final enemy expects you. Find him and you receive a nice reward if you are able to defeat him. A bonus area (the Oasis of Silence) will be accessable after his death.


You get to Celestiel by using the spell "Summon portal to Celestiel" (which is added to you automatically) to summon a magical portal to Celestiel.




Hidden Hideout 


You can now find a small hidden hideout behind the wall in the Imperial Waterfront District. A map marker for fast traveling is available (the map marker is named "Hidden Hideout"). The crates and chests in the hideout are safe for storage and are labeled for easier sorting. If you are tired of big mansions and want a place of retreat, then you have made the right choice.