Arcane University flames fix


This fix makes the Arcane University flames visible again if they were disabled. I had this problem with the missing flames recently. So I wrote a script which enables them at game start. 


Just put the Esp into your Oblivion Data folder, start the Oblivion launcher, go to Data Files and activate it. Load your savegame, wait a few seconds until a message appears, save your game and exit. You can deactivate the plugin now. The next time when you load this new savegame, the flames should still be visible.




Luminous Sky ENB


This is my personal ENB setting with a nice glowing sky and lighting settings suiting All Natural and atmospheres version 2 and higher.


How to install:


First of all, you need the "d3d9.dll" from the WrapperVersion of the original Oblivion ENB version 0.181. Put it to the "Oblivion" folder (that's where the "Oblivion.exe" is located).


Choose either the All Natural version (for the "All Natural" weather mod) or one of the Atmospheres versions 

(for discovery1's "atmospheres" weather mods). Extract the content of the downloaded archive to the Oblivion folder as well. 

Optional: If you haven't done it already, install "All Natural" or one of discovery1's "atmospheres" weather mods. 


You can use both mods together, if you install one of the weather mods the normal way and only install the textures of the other (the esp files of All Natural and "atmospheres" may conflict). 


DOF (Depth of Field) is disabled at default (not in the Atmospheres v3 or v4 version) but you can easily enable it via the ENB ingame menu (SHIFT+Return).


Important: Please, deactivate Hardware AA/AF/SSAO in "Nvidia Control Panel" or "Catalyst control center".




Various Music for Oblivion


It's a compilation of various music pieces, mostly ambient and alternative but also rock and metal. The compilation contains:


16 Explore tracks 

16 Dungeon tracks 

10 Battle tracks 

10 Public tracks (the music you hear in towns)


You can find some samples here.


All authors provide their music freely and can be found on

I want to thank the following authors for their music:


Magdalen Graal

Amity in Fame


Silence is Sexy

Alex Alexandroff

PeerGynt Lobogris


Paul Lisak & After The Ice











Lena Selyanina

Frank Harper



Last but not least I thank for the Star Avenue font which I used in the cover of the mod.




Fall Hair Wig Shop


The Fall Hair Wig Shop is a shop where you can buy wigs with different hair colors and styles and as a sideline you are able to take a rest at the generously covered coffee table. 

Relax and forget everyday life in the comfortable armchair in front of crackling chimney fire.


The shop is located in the near of Faregyl (screenshot with exact location is included). Shopkeeper Carla is looking forward to seeing you.





Fall Hair Wig


This is the wig version of the Fall Hair 001. The wig comes in seven colors. Thoronir in "The Copious Coinpurse" in Imperial City Market District sells you the wigs.


The wigs have custom icons and ground models. You can use the ground models as decoration if you like.




Head06 texture resource and addon


It's a face texture resource for Head06 but it also comes with a Vanilla support if you don't use the Head06 mesh. There are two options: textures with beard and textures without beard. As a special I added some HighRez images in 2048x2048 format. You can do what you want with the textures as long as my name is mentioned in the credits.


If you don't want to create a new race with these textures I already did this for you:). The sample race is male only. Additionally I put a savegame of my character Rhage into this little addon. The tattoos are not included.




Fantasy Eyes and Unique Eyes


This eye textures bundle consists of the Fantasy Eyes for Elaborate Eyes and the Unique Eyes for the default eyes (the second one is the predecessor of the Fantasy Eyes).


The Fantasy Eyes contain the “Eyes of Destiny” and the “Naruto Styled Eyes”. Furthermore, there are 52 different textures (plus the ones from the previous version).




Pose Thumbnail Poses


Preventing misunderstanding: I only made the menu, so if you have problems with the animation itself and not with the menu, please ask Lera or Pizz who made these poses.



~ a menu for the poses made by Lera and Pizz ~



This pack contains 112 poses from the Pose Thumbnail:

(scroll down to the clickable screens)

A script adds an animation ball called "Pose Thumbnail Crystal" and a spell ("Director's Touch - Pose Thumbnail")

to your inventory.


Playing an animation:

Equip the "Pose Thumbnail Crystal", close your inventory and choose an animation, or put the ball on a hotkey and then choose the animation. Click "Reset Animation" and your character becomes normal again. Use the spell on NPCs to make them perform the poses.