Deathsmiles Clothes for HGEC


This is the HGEC conversion of Deathsmiles Clothes. Furthermore, I gave the outfit a purple color which suits it more in my opinion. The outfit is inspired by the japanese video game "Deathsmiles". You can find the outfit on the right of Riverview in Cheydinhal in a sack (screenshots of the exact location are included).


The original outfit, which is compatible with the default body only, can be found in the archive as well.


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Armor of honor (female version)


This is the female version of Doge's "Rüstung der Ehre" (armor of honor). The armor comes in two color variatios (blue and red) , available in light and heavy. You can by all variants at the Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District. The original mod is required (the meshes and textures only).

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Plague Doctor Improved


This is the improved version of zprospero's "Plague Doctor Outfit" mod.


The following changes were made:

- invisible arm bug in first person is fixed: somehow Oblivion has problems with fullbody outfits which use head/hair slot as well. After I made the mask a separate item the bug was gone.

- improved UV map of mask: texture looks less stretched now

- made new icons: the outfit used Oblivion default icons before

- splitted the outfit into several parts (the three mask variants, shirt, pants, gloves and boots)

- changed the ownership of chest and the needle to player: the objects don't count as stolen anymore.


As zprospero has said: Consider this file a modder's resource.


Note: the original outfit is not available anymore. I saved it before it was gone. If his file wasn't a modder's resource I would haven't reuploaded/improved it.

Selene's Sexy Tda Armory


This is the sexy version of Tdas_Armoury_BETA fitted to HGEC and Robert Male. In addition to the converted armors I included all weapons and shields from Tda's mod. And yes, I have Tda's permission to release my version ;).

Where to find the armors:

Sexy Knight Armor:

Fort Scinia; in possession of Gregor the Knight

Sexy Chaos Knight Armor:

Fort Sejanus; in possession of Shurak the Chaos Knight

Sexy Holy Knight Armor

Rielle; in possession of Ravis the Holy Knight



The knights have a level between 18 and 20 plus extra health points and endurance. The fights will be hard, so be prepared.

Thieves Vest for HGEC


I converted Kafeid's Thieves Vest to fit the HGEC body. Addionally I made a black recolor, a sexy version and created custom icons for the vests. You find all variations in Bravil at The Fair Deal.

HGEC Dante's Clothes


I really like the DMC Dante Outfit but the only thing that bothers me that it has no female version. So I made my own. The outfit can be bought in best goods and guarantees in Leyawiin.


I also made some recolors of the coat and trousers (black and white) which can find in the "Extras" folder.




DMC Dante’s Clothes – Black Recolor


This is a new black variant of DMC Dantes Clothes.

The original mod is required.

Where can I find the armor?

It's the same location as in the original mod: The armor is in a chest behind a pillar in the Bruma chapel.





1. download DMC Dante Clothes and install it:


1.1 if you like to use the black recolor of Nero's Devil Bringer (gauntlet), download Devil May Cry Weapons and install it:


2. at the end put the Textures folder from my archive to your Oblivion Data directory and overwrite files if asked.


Have fun!




Umarils Armor for RM and HGEC

I converted Umaril, the boss monster in Knights of the Nine, into a playable armor. You can buy the armor in "A Fighting Chance" in Imperial City - Market District. It comes in different variations: normal, sexy, shiny. Requires the addon "Knights of the Nine".




Umarils Armor Separate

This version in compare with "Umarils Armor for RM and HGEC":

- I divided the full body armor into several parts: cuirass, greaves, boots, gauntlets and helmet

- the new place of purchase is "Fire and Steel" in Chorrol




Red Serenity


Red recolor of Hentai's Serenity armor. You will find it in Anvil Castle courtyard next to the original equipment.


Serenity armor by HENTAI 

(meshes and textures only)




Slof's Elaborate Robe Exnemized


This mod adds an exnemized version of Slof's female Elaborate Robe from Slofs Male Clothing v1.1.


You can purchase one complete set from the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.


And if you want to play the male version: you can find it in Slofs Male Clothing ;)




Assassins Creed - Altairs Gear for Exnem - v1_1


This is an Exnem conversion of Nexon's Assassins Creed Gear. You can find the equipment northwest of Bravil near the Ayleid ruin Anutwyll (look at the included screenshot for the exact location).  Requires original mod:





Armors of the Black Moon


This mod adds two retextured armors to the game. Speak with the High Elf Selen to get these armors. She stands in front of the statue (fontain) in Bliss and explains you everything. Requires Shivering Isles.



- a black retextured Amber Armor

- a black retextured Madness Armor

- and a little quest




The legendary archer


In Fort Redman hides a vampire with his army. His name is Khan, a former Blade, expelled from the Blades as they seized him during his bloodlust and so they realized his true face. Hidden in his fortress he brood on revenge and plan an a destructive attack on Cloud Ruler Temple. Only a hero can stop him. Khan, known by the Blades as the legendary archer, will do everything to destroy everyone who get in his way. Are you the hero?



- a retextured armor

- a mighty bow and mighty arrows which are also retextured

- a retextered amulet with a nice side effect

- and an opponent who wouldn't give these things away so fast


Where I can find this opponent?

- You find him in Fort Redman. A map with the marked location is included.