Most of the races require a mod which fixes the dialogue at beginning of the start dungeon like Custom Race Fix. Alternatively, you can use the cheat "Setstage Charactergen 9" (without quotes) to evade this problem. You could use an alternative start mod as well like CMFNew or Alternative Start Arrive by Ship.


The races also require HGEC/Exnem and/or Robert Male (V4 or V5) as body replacers so that their body textures are displayed correctly.

Abyss Demon - Legacy of two Brothers (WIP)


It's a mod with three different variants of a demonic race. Two variants are inspired by Illidan and Malfurion from World of Warcraft/Warcraft 3. The third one, a hybrid between the winged variant and human, is a product of my imagination.


The final version will contain, besides the race, new locations like a sanctuary for the members of the race and a dungeon to explore. Everything will be accompanied by a quest which deals with the origin of the Daemona/Abyss Demons.


You can either test this very old Beta version, try out the finished German version, or wait for the finished English version.


Development status of the English version: playtesting, bug fixing, making some minor improvements to some parts of the mod (the German will be updated with these changes as well). 


Mysterious Elves


The Mysterious Elves are mysterious elves (get it? :D) of unknown origin. Their signature feature is the third eye on their forehead which they can summon whenever they like. It gives them the ability to see in the dark (Night-Eye), perceive the auras of living beings (Detect Life) and to beguile people (Charm).


You can choose between 25 hair styles and 9 eye colors. The race is female only and compatible with the default body and HGEC.


The third eye is handled in the "Drittes Auge".esp (Drittes Auge = Third Eye). It adds a spell to you which adds/removes the third eye to/from your inventory and equips the third eye automatically. When the eye is equipped, a menu appears where you can select between four options:


Option 1: Night-Eye

Option 2: Charm

Option 3: Detect Life

Option 4: everything together


The last button closes the menu.


As soon as you unequip the eye, the effects will be removed from your spell list and everything will be back to normal.




Ancient Elven Sorceress


The mod Ancient Elven Sorceress is the female version of my mod Ancient Elven Sorcerer. The Ancient Elven Sorceresses are like the Ancient Elven Sorcerers magical talented elves and are famous for their arcane tattoos. People know them from legends. They now come back to Cyrodiil after thousands of years.


If you don't like the tattoos, I made a tattoo-less version, too ;). You find it in the folder "Options". I also added different ear options: long, long - pierced, short, short - pierced, jug-eared (see screenshot with ear types).


You can choose between 111 eyes and 52 hair styles (corean, saram, sulhwa, and many more). 


I also included default body textures which fit the face skin tone. So it should be compatible with the vanilla body, too.


The race is female only and uses either the Head06 or the Ren head.




Ancient Elven Sorcerer


The Ancient Elven Sorcerers are magical talented elves and are famous for their arcane tattoos. People know them from legends. They come now back to Cyrodiil after thousands of years.


This race is for male characters only.






Raven Elves


An elf race with a touch of gothic inspired by The Crow (I love this film). Both female and male Raven elves have tattoos on their body (but there are also body textures wihout tattoos ;)).


I also included the Head06 Addon and the Dark Raven Elves variant.




Selene's Seductive Succubus


The Seductive Succubus is a modified version of Divine Avenger's "A CM Partner Companion Kaleah". I removed the companion part, created a new face texture as well as textures with tattoos and added the flight ability to the Succubi.


The flight ability:



You need to install OBSE first if you want to use the flight ability:


- Start Oblivion with the OBSE Launcher

- Load your savegame

- Open the console and type "startquest SuccubusFlyingQuest" (without quotes), confirm with Enter -> the constant effect "Demonic Flight" will be added to your character (if you use the original Neisha savegame, skip this step)

- Use the following key commands:


W: forward

S: backward

A: left

D: right

Pg up: speed up

Pg down: slow down speed

,: start flying

.: stop flying


- When landing flying stops automatically






Most people of Tamriel believe that the Maniac are insane by nature; maybe the rumors are true. The Maniac have a high willpower and increaded magicka.


The race is based on the Vanity Pack by CapsAdmin.


As a bonus, the race comes with a lot of japanese hair styles, for example 2ch Hair. Optionally, you can expand the race with special abilities/traits. In order to do that, you go to second floor of Leyawiin Mages Guild (east). There's a scroll named "Die Kraft der Maniac" (the power of the Maniac) on the table which adds the spells to you.




Sadran - Tribe of Assassins - v2_2


The Sadran belong to an ancient nomadic assassin tribe which arises from the desert of Hammerfell. They are related to the Redgaurds but have a brighter skin. Their patron saint is the desert god Atash.


The Sadran have tattoos on their body and come with retextured equipments sets suited for assassins.



The race is for Robert Male Body V4 and Exnem. These body replacers are already included (because the mod was designed as an all inclusive package so that no one needs to download something additionally to run this mod). If you prefer another compatible replacer (like HGEC) install this replacer after my mod and overwrite the files if asked.